Muslim Marriage vows in Arabic with compulsion of Nikahnama and Meher

Muslims are everywhere in the world but the Arabic Muslims are different as they are known to lead a different kind of life where they put emphasis on spending money along with the requirement of Muslim weddings in terms of signing of a marriage contract. The marriage traditions differ in every culture but it depends upon the Islamic sect and observance of the gender separation rules.Most of the marriages are not held in mosques but the women and men remain separate during ceremony and reception. The wedding in mosque with the overseeing of Qazi or Madhun officially presides the marriage ceremony. 

Meher is one of the important aspect and is a formal statement specifying in one of the monetary amount where the groom gives the money to bride. There are two parts to meher a prompt due before marriage is all about consummated and a deferred amount is given to bride through her life. Today, many of the couples exchange ring as the groom prompts it during the ceremony. Marriage contract is signed in a Nikah ceremony in which groom representative proposes to bride in front of at-least two witnesses which keeps the details of Meher. Bride and groom reiterate the word thrice of “Qubul hai” and the marriage gets the legality with the male representative and female signing on Nikahnama. 

The officials add an additional religious ceremony which follows the Nikah which actually includes recitation of the Fatihah which is the first chapter of Quran and Durud which is blessings. Most of the Muslims do not recite vows but rather they listen as their officiant speaks about meaning of marriage and responsibilities to each other to The Supreme which is Allah. However, some of the Muslim brides and Grooms put vows which is common in terms of recitation. The significance of the commitment of marriage contract or Nikah along with the sign where the marriage is sealed and thus gathers the congregation to bless them.

If there are Muslim friends of yours one should always try to get included into the marriage and also try to get more knowledge about their marriage. If there is a wish to get more out of the wish to marry a Muslim girl or a Guy one should visit the inner state of emotions, nervousness and the fear of mind must get over and it can be only done once you get mixed with them and understand the practices and beliefs.   


matrimony963 • 2019 Jan 07

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