Tamil Wedding Custom Ceremony Make It a Pleasing Visual Affair

Tamil marriage is performed in a traditional way that elaborates having the touch of cultural beliefs. Tamilians are highly simply and responsible in the comparison of other Northern communities. Tamil weddings' ceremony doesn’t take place during the month of Aashad, Bhadrapad and Shunya. Tamilians doesn’t extra pomp and show in their matrimonial ceremonies. Tamil community is closely connected to their religious and cultural custom practices which are performed in a delightful way. You may not get an opportunity to attend South Indian wedding thus, these are the most dominant beautiful and charming customs included and celebrated as: 

Tamil Wedding Costume       

On the wedding day special the Tamil bride and groom want to get something different because this is not a common day for them. The matchmaking couple comes with lots of preparations and arrangements from their wedding attire to traditional sacraments where they take seven steps as wedding vows for entire life. Highly expensive wedding costumes must be luxurious of the matchmaking couple. Tamil bride wears traditional silk saree (Kanchipuram) in an auspicious red color with gold color shading pattern and she wore customary ornamented jewelry. Tamil groom wears white Dhoti and a shirt or even western embroidered suit with matching turban. 

Tamil Wedding Custom and Rituals

Tamil wedding customs and rituals are the significance of its community and culture. The typical matrimony custom and rituals create joyous and loving moments to accomplish this auspicious ceremony by showing extensive touch of ancestral heritage towards holy union of the newlywed couple. Thus, these are the dominant custom and traditions are followed as: 

Panda Kaal Muhurtham: This is a very first ritual of the Tamil wedding ceremony takes place at the bride and groom’s house to seek blessings of the God towards peaceful and happier wedding ceremony of the matchmaking couple. Muslim matrimonial site and Punjabi Matrimonial site provide help to find their life partner online.

Pallikai Thellichal: Pallikai ceremony is performed before the wedding ceremony as 9 types of grains are mixed with curd and filled it into seven pots. This ritual is for good luck of the couple’s happy married life. This mixed curd and grains are immersed in the water to feed the fishes.

Gauri Puja: Gauri is the most favorite Goddess in Tamil community and a bride only worships of the Gauri idol. After soon bride wears dress elegantly holds a small puja to take blessings of her Goddess towards her lifetime happy relationship. Tamil wedding day deals with a number of various sacraments till the end of the wedding ceremony like Kanyadanam, Saptapadi and reception, etc. All these are performed step by step on the big day special ceremony of the bride and groom. 

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